The Refuge
A Fellowship of Followers of Jesus Christ

3219 N.Main  Cleburne,TX 76033                817-202-0324
Refuge: ref-uge\ (n)  1.  That which shelters or protects from
danger, or from distress or calamity  2.  a stronghold which protects
by it's strength, or a sanctuary which secures safety by it's
sacredness  3.  a place inaccessible to an enemy
The Refuge is a Spirit filled church and WE LOVE JESUS!  We also love the
way the Holy spirit continuously leads us in different ways as we worship God,
study His word, and fellowship together.

We get really excited when we see people meet Jesus for the first time, or when we
see the people we're praying for being healed, or when we see Jesus cleaning up the
messed up areas of our lives.  Since we know God loves us and isn't mad at us we can
just be ourselves with Him and with each other.  He really likes that!
We just changed our name this last year.   A refuge is a safe place,  where you can
regroup or be restored.  It's a place that your enemies can't come.  The Bible says
that God is our refuge and that He's always available to us.  That's the kind of
church we want to be, a safe place where people can come and learn more about
Jesus and worship Him as part of a family.


             -  9:15:  Bible Study

:  Contemporary praise and                 
                            worship.  A relaxed time of sharing
                            testimonies, fellowship, and a Word
                             based sermon.  Personal ministry time  
                             available upon request.  
            -  9:00:  Band of Brothers meet every other
                           Saturday.  Call church office for next
Welcome to The Refuge
Everybody Needs One

God is our
refuge and
strength, an
ever present
help in

Psalm 46:1
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